• souravranjan 35w

    Here what we have learned is that. How much knowledge you have gained don't matters if you are not utilising it in the way it should be used.

    He applied his theorems to pass the River Walking.
    According to his calculation he had done with water speed and level of water. He thought he can pass it walking.
    But here he did a mistake., that no matter how river water level is. you can't find the rocks and depth. He felt in a hole in that river and died.

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    Lived once a man in a village.
    He was so intelligent at his age.
    He went abroad for his study.
    He studied and make him ready.
    When he came to his village.
    He was to pass a river with his knowledge.
    He applied every knowledge he had gained.
    He then walked through the river and he got drained .

    He died