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    Role Of Education

    Education is A the Most Powerful Tool for Development which helps in Uplifting,Enhancing n Grooming One's Personality and also Holds a Magnificent Role in Every Individual's Life.
    Education is a must for all as it plays a very Important n Different role in Everyone's life n helps in Various Ways.
    Education not only Enhances Quality of Life by Giving Opportunities, Freedom and Promotes Better Life Choices ...But also Acts as Guiding Force to be the "Change" in the Families, Communities and Countries. 
    A Good Education makes an Individual Develop Intelectually, Personally, Socially, Economically n even Financially.
    Education helps us to do Our Day to Day Chores n Activities Efficiently in the Best Possible ways.
    Education makes us Dutiful.
    Education helps us to Acquire New Skills and Knowledge that can Impact our Own Development n Even Help Others to Grow.
    Education also Spreads Awareness About the legal rights of a women.
    Its Teaches the Importance of a Girl child and Also Helps to Understand Why the Need to Educate a Girl Child or a Woman Becomes Very Necessary in Todays Life Especially.
    Education Empowers a Woman to Move Ahead in all Walks of Life Confidently n Independently so as to be Self Sufficient.
    And Last but not Least An Educated,Empowered and a Literate Country can also Fasten up the Process of Development and Progress in all Walks of Life and help it Transform from a Developing one to a Developed One.