• ag_jud0 9w

    Sanity part 1

    I thought you were a saint an angel even
    Innocent wide almond shaped mahogany eyes
    Long lean supple limbs
    smooth velveteen skin the color of dark chocolate covered cranberries
    A smile adorned with little red and silver braces that made my knees wobble Lips full and smooth
    Voice deep and timber
    Around you I could lose all my focus just by
    Your smell of coconut paradise
    Your jokes about memes and school
    I was stuck on you and it was only freshmen year
    Every time I found myself searching for you in a crowd
    I told myself this little crush will pass
    Every time I found myself sacrificing a little here and there
    For only a minute more of your presence
    I told myself it was only out of loving friendship
    Three years later on a dark brown cloth woven couch
    At three am with our joints cracking and our laughs echoing
    And my heart beating slow
    You kissed me with all the desire of unadulterated sin
    My head spun in a new woozy waltz
    At three thirty am it was no longer sweet ambrosia from your lips
    I could taste the heat of hell from your tongue
    Feel the caress of its fire upon my skin
    Twisting bodies
    Tongues entangled
    Fingers and legs entwined
    Clothes shed like rain off a roof
    The taste of sin unbelievably decadent
    I fed off of it like a bee from a flower
    4 am
    When your breath felt like it would melt my skin
    When your grip seared me to the bone
    your voice commanded me to heaven and hell again
    I realized you were an angel and a devil
    You had me confessing and sinning over and over again
    At the end I could only think
    One night
    One time