• gorisharma 5w


    I believe in every woman a Queen resides...
    This word gives strength, makes one feel powerful
    A Queen never steps down from her thrown
    She never takes bullshit from nobody
    A Queen never gives up...
    Loves and heals all
    She is highly motivated
    Highly respected
    And is the kindest
    I live life as a Queen
    I'm not afraid anymore
    I'm here to make a difference
    I live for myself
    I take bullshit from nobody
    No one can dare to try and be me
    I will be happy...
    Bring out the Queen in you
    If you want the respect
    If you want the world to treat you like a Queen...
    Then start acting like one
    Believe that you truly are
    Be your own boss
    Treat yourself right
    Step up onto that thrown
    Own it and say
    'I am the Queen...'