• auroramoonandstars 9w

    I want a man with hands that strum a guitar
    Acoustic, put me to sleep
    A man that sings softly as I enter my dreams
    A man with hands that turn paper into magic and weaves poetry from my heart into his
    A man that takes my hand and says that's what makes him want to live
    Brushes my hair out of my face to catch a glimpse of my eyes and tells me it is where his universe lies
    Takes time to notice and acknowledge the sun reflecting from my eyes
    And doesnt let saying I love you every day slip his mind
    A man who wants to pull over and dance under the sky when I ask, which is often
    A man who isn't afraid to let his guard down and display himself soft
    A man who holds me at night, so safe that demons don't even bother to try at the sight
    A man to fight for me when I can't stand
    And just need rest
    A man who will love me at my worst, which will lead me to my best
    To be nurtured
    To be loved
    I've already asked too much