• advaita_ 10w

    My love

    How could i define my world.....?
    You are an autumn season of my life
    Made my life so fascinating as nature
    You watered my withered thoughts by filling confidence....!!
    I be the crazy one with you.... Expressing my childish attitude
    But the way u care n get angry on my silly things makes me to feel awww
    Many clashes n conflict still i need u....bcuz u r a cheerful soul of mine
    No matter how my mood is....wen i put my head on your shoulder it vanishes
    You r wonder of my life
    Thank you!!for being my felicity...adored by your love
    I am sorry...i am aggressive one wen some1 dare to b close wit u
    Bcus even u cant love yourself as i do.....always mineā¤
    ---- Tejaswini advaita