• navpreet96 5w

    A Tired Soul.

    A Tired Soul.

    Walk enough,
    It keeps you healthy,
    Who knew the road was made of misery.

    Work hard enough,
    It will make you happy,
    Who knew, hard work was made of agony.

    Smile enough,
    It keeps your mind fresh,
    Who knew smile was made up of tribulation.

    Stay clam,
    It relieves your heart,
    Who knew calmness was made of deterioration.

    Drink enough water,
    It keeps your gut clean,
    Who knew water made my gut swirl.

    Eat green,
    It keeps your eyes good,
    Who knew ,Green made my heart hurl,

    Sleep well they say,
    It keeps you poised,
    Who knew sleep was made of loneliness.

    Save enough,
    It keeps your worth,
    Who knew saving was an ameliorate.

    What have you done so far,
    It keeps you curled up in bed,
    Who knew the question was made to procrastinate.

    Live life,
    You only get it once,
    Who knew life was long damned