• mara_pain 4w


    Does he miss me
    Think of me
    Do all the moments we had together
    Flash back into his mind

    Does he regret leaving
    Wonder what came over him
    Worry about our unborn child
    Think that he could have been a better man

    Does he wish we would talk things out
    Maybe get back together
    Does he regret his actions
    Does he ?

    Does he yearn to tell me that he is sorry
    For leaving me in my worst moment
    For denying me the chance to be happy
    Does he ?

    Or he just blames me
    For everything that happened between us
    He can't find it in his heart to forgive me
    Even if I'm carrying his own baby
    A mistake is all he thinks of me

    Does he regret meeting me
    Does he wonder why I wasn't careful enough
    Does he see me as a project that went wrong
    Does our kid mean nothing to him ?

    Or is it that girl I saw him with that afternoon
    They were giggling as they walked aimlessly in the mall
    Is she responsible ?

    Did She change him?
    Snatched him from me
    Or i wasn't worth forever anymore
    And he moved on....

    I forgot to say
    He's happier now
    With someone who ain't me
    While I and his kid suffers
    Waiting for him to come back
    As he smiles and embrace his new project .......

    Words from my soul
    Life is a series of pain