• effectivewords 6w

    Either be true to your relationship from the very beginning or DON'T commit at all. Just know
    that you cannot give each other so much pain
    and memories to remember if you don't have
    the courage to make it till the end. Because it
    is annoying when people already know every
    thing and still try to act dumb. Giving up without even trying the best. Is this love? NO. Please don't expect any magic to happen and make things turn towards your side. You have to be really desperate especially for being with someone you imagine the rest of your life with. If you really love someone with a will to fulfill it, life won't fail to show you the way. Simply try and see for yourself. And even if it's not meant to be, having realised that it just won't work, after all forms of efforts then walk away with a smile. Be grateful, it might hurt but you know that you have experienced the best days of your life with someone who knew how to treat you right.