• cassyyymagee 6w

    I wish I could take away your pain and your tears and make them my own.
    I wish I could give all of your heartache and hurt, a different home.

    I don't always know what to say when things fall apart and feel endless.
    But I can hold your hand through it, and love you, and hope that soon life lets up and we can mend this.

    You've always been the one holding me while I break down.
    I never wanted you to feel this kind of pain, but things have turned around.

    Although you may not see it now because you're hurting and you're so tired of it all
    You are stronger than I could ever be, and you'll get through this, I will not let you fall.

    If you need to scream to let it all out,
    I will hear you, I will listen
    If you need a hug to ease the hurt,
    I will hold you, until it lessens
    If you need to a reminder, of how amazing you are, because right now you have forgotten
    I will remind you a million times over,
    Because its true but our thoughts are so easy to get lost it.

    Just please remember,
    you will never be ever be alone,
    This world needs more people like you in it,
    To me, you'll always be home.❤