• saniljwels 6w

    ||Time Doesn't Heals Everything||

    They say time heals everything But no Time doesn't heal
    We simply stop showcasing our pain to the world
    With a smile painted on our face we burry the sorrow deep down in the heart Throwing away the keys to the locked door only to glance occassionally through the windows
    Those years on the corner of the eyes shining like a diamond blurring our vision giving us flashbacks of what was and what will never be suddenly reality strikes to remind us that what we have is still beautiful
    But only he who feels it knows it The emptiness in the heart that never goes The smile that's simply painted on the face & not on the heart Those unanswered questions we try finding answers to Those shattered dreams that demand to be fulfilled That pain of the broken heart that craves to be pampered & then the mind takes it upon itself to remind us about all that until luring us to sleep
    Then comes the morning with the sun rays peeping through the curtains to tell you that you are a fighter & that you have got what it takes to create a beautiful painting out of splattered colours So you get up & look into the mirror & paint a smile on your face And you do this every morning until that smile is engraved on your
    heart All of these and much more but definitely Time doesn't heal