• sid_rulz 10w


    Can't forget that old chair made of teak wood

    My favourite at home on which I feel good

    For all may be it's just a piece of furniture

    But for me it's a memory of my childhood's picture

    I had seen my granny sitting on it when I crawled

    By Holding its armrest i learnt to stand when I was small

    Listening to stories in granny's lap under the shawl

    Sometimes jumping on the chair made me fall

    Talking with my love I spent many nights

    Sometimes I slept over the chair when we had fights

    My chair had seen all my emotions and fights

    By resting on it as if it was asking me to unite

    Now it's old, enfolded with cracks and one of its legs is  broken

    My family want to dispose of but for me it's my childhood's token

    So I took it to a carpenter for repairing and polish

    And it came again with the same aura to amaze and astonish.