• sauver 4w

    The life that I can interpret nowadays :

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    Life for now

    Rainbows aren't so flattering now,
    The rain drops no more mesmerize.
    The gigglings of people around,
    Fake it is ; to me sounds.
    The mountains no longer amaze me,
    Nor those twisted ways.
    I have confined to a single room,
    With hopes lying in waste.
    Now friends doesn't seem friendly,
    They have gradually become mean.
    The friendships nowadays are for interest sake,
    The emotions have lost their sheen.
    The school-life isn't so interesting,
    With burdens all around.
    Hardly there's time to explore new,
    It's all same with monotonous background.
    The more modern we are,
    The more we are detached from world ; it seems.
    The way life has changed drastically,
    It appears to be short of gleam.
    Relations have drained their sense of care,
    It seems I'm going on a journey with mutual benefits of fare.
    It's sad to feel today,
    The way I dreamt it long back.
    It is as if only a dream I saw,
    That does not please.
    I prefer being stuck to bed,
    Than going out around.
    I prefer to stay quiet in misery,
    Than to reveal my mental wounds.
    The Philosophies are no long appropriate,
    They are mere words to console.
    None feels them from inside,
    It is just meant to send it away and share it on.
    The age of adolescence has lost its charm,
    We're running being an adult.
    We've constrained ourselves from facing the real world,
    With the notion of being dazzles.