• sin_ha_deepshree 6w

    They say love is blind
    And I felt mine was too.
    My wanderlust soul found someone
    Reached unexpected destination that it never knew.

    Love is love and it knows no boundary
    Inseparable by language and identity.
    When you fall for someone believe me it's a true blessing
    Because the soul chooses it's mate without perceiving anything.

    Society will question my love and my identity
    Backtalkers will choose to show pity
    They'll never be able to make me feel ashamed to love someone like me
    As my love for her is divine and as pious as it could be.

    I'll fight with the orthodox society as long as I breathe
    I'll be able to retaliate the melicious thought and things they perceive.

    As long as my love is by my side
    We can construct our utopia together
    Beholding our hands so tight
    Being each other's shadow almost inseparable.
    I have promised her that I shall not let our love go loose.
    And won't feel guilty for what I choose
    The path to our future for sure is laid with thorns
    Many who dared to walked bleed But they've never let their love mourn.

    I feel proud of who I am and whom I love
    My love is blind but not dumb
    It'll one day shut the mouths of the orthodox thinkers and this hateful population
    That day the world would surely turn into Happy nation.


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    My love is my Pride ️‍