• jinaupadhyaya 6w

    I rollick on the empty road
    And find the solace, bitter vibes, fear
    As well as werid happiness
    I walk on the street full of pebbles
    Taking off my shoes, to feel the grassy land
    But I feel sting on my feet
    Sharp pebble pricks on my skin
    In this same way I use to astray in crowd
    And listen their stories and imagine myself in their theory
    Here to I find some good and bitter vibes
    Cause believing in one sided story
    Creates mess in your surroundings
    Emptiness and crowdness
    Hapiness and bitterness
    Both are obligatory part of life
    The essence of life is virtual lies and truths
    Aceepting it, painful always
    And our jokes become barbed instead of laughter.