• jma____ 23w

    Silver Lining

    Them hard days them constant aching pains
    Feeling so lost, alone, depressed and tired.
    Constantly asking God when is my day to join you, because when I lost you, I just didnt see the point of living. You were my heaven on earth. You knew me like no one else did, whos gonna control me when im angry whos gonna comfort me when im sad. You were my baby my world my soul mate. But here comes the silver lining, went to the doctors today to see why I've been feeling ill lately, found out you gave me a blessing a mini you. You sent me a gift a piece of you to carry and love. Gosh how much he looks like you. Big beautiful brown eyes the same mole on the back his smile is yours hes all you. You show me that the storm eventually ends and beautiful rainbows appear after the madness. My silver lining.