• airatmaninravi 5w

    Question You Must Answer Before You Die

    Ask why before you die
    Seek answers don’t just cry
    Don’t just accept what people say
    Resolve to find out the Truth today

    Who are you and why are you here?
    Why this birth? Who got you here?
    Are you just meant to live and die?
    Is there a purpose? Find out why

    What is death, what is the end?
    The body dies, it is just a bend
    I never die, I will live on
    But where will I go, will I be reborn?

    Where is God and who is He?
    Is it he or is it she?
    I want to find where is heaven and hell
    I am seeking answers, who will tell!

    Am I the body, mind or Soul?
    What is it that makes me whole?
    Am I the ego, who says I?
    I want to find out who am I

    What is this thing called life?
    So much joy and so much strife
    Is it real or just a show?
    Where we come and then we go?

    Who created this earth, who created the sky?
    Was it just a bang, oh my!
    How could all this just come about?
    There must be a Creator, there is no doubt!

    Is there a law that keeps a track?
    Whatever we do, it will come back
    Or will we escape from all our sins?
    And have no rewards for all our wins

    What causes us to be happy and to be sad?
    Is it true that desires are bad?
    Can we be happy with joy and peace?
    Removing cravings, the big disease

    Is our mind our friend or foe?
    Will it help us cross the shore?
    Is it a monkey that makes us blink?
    And does it make us in ignorance sink?

    What exactly is the Soul?
    Where is it, what is its role?
    It is the energy that gives us breath
    Without it, there would be death

    Why should we ask so many questions?
    Is it necessary to take all these lessons?
    Or should we just laugh and have fun?
    And spend our days till life is done

    If we don’t find the real Truth
    If we don’t get to the bottom of the root
    If we don’t answer before we die
    Then we will suffer and we will cry

    Yes there are questions that we all must ask Before we die this is one task
    Though we know still we must find
    That’s our life-purpose, the Truth to unwind.