• joleaninn 9w

    April 16 2015

    good things don’t come easy. but I promise that I will try really hard. I won’t give up.

    I’ll love you at your worst and I’ll love you at your best.
    I’ll love you in all the moments that you feel like you’re breaking and you can’t go on anymore.
    I’ll love you when you come home disappointed that nothing went right in the day.
    I’ll love you at 2 am when you’re sick to your stomach and not able to keep water down.
    I’ll love you when you’re so angry tears well up in your eyes and you contemplate punching the wall.
    I’ll love you when you’re smiling so big because your favorite song came on in the most unlikely place.
    I’ll love you when you’ve just woken up and stretch and consider sleeping for another 15 minutes.
    I’ll love you even when you’ve burned the pizza in the oven for the billionth time.

    in every moment you own, second you breathe, I will love you with every fiber of my body. I will do what I can to make the sun rise and set for you.

    I will love you. and I hope it will be the greatest love you’ve ever received, because it is the greatest love I could ever give someone.