• olive_pendergast 10w


    My dire need to escape
    has imprisoned me in between
    the borders of fantasy and reality.

    On one side,
    A country full of delusions
    filled with hopes buried beneath
    the moors where even weeds
    struggles to grow
    skins of its dwellers scalded
    until only the ashen longing
    to escape remains.

    On the opposite side,
    A sod full of pragmatis,
    with dew-filled grass
    from the after-rain
    and birds chirping of freedom
    overlooked through the high
    mountains of Earth
    skins of its dwellers soaked
    by the cold winds
    until only invisible shackles of reality remains
    suppressing the longing to escape.

    I am the child
    caught in between a battle
    of the dull rainbow
    and never ending hurricane.