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    To ......

    Sometimes tear stings my eyes
    For I think how good our relation must have been if there wasn't a family fight
    Why we had to suffer for we were never at fault
    & Still we secretly cherished each other's presence? amidst crushed in between emotion of others-all*
    Silently, trying to put on a good face outside
    But reality says to be soft from inside
    The thing is that I can't pretend
    So even though my face shows silence, stagnance and coldness
    because it's the emotion lying in between the ones that people want me to put on and the honest emotion I want to have on
    But if you look closely, I'm so filled with "the sibling love" everytime I see you all
    I don't want to pretend to be formal anymore
    But society crushes me with their notions everytime I show my real self out
    So what can I do to make you feel I'm not one of those society's mannequin-form but just their brain's waste synthetic break-out.

    *Apologies for the grammatical error.

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    +hidden feelings+

    A request for if you're a family or a parent or a wannabe-parent;
    I request you to keep your/any child away from the family conflicts as such.
    Let them stay open and stay happy with their siblings. They are not at fault between your family clashes and so on. It might affect them without ringing you any prior notice. Don't make them take sides.
    Rest you know what I mean (/・・)ノ
    Thanks for considering-