• naaatz 6w

    I remember in the beginning I use to walk into your house yelling out loud
    Having a bright spirit
    A positive mindset
    I don’t know how long it lasted for
    Maybe a month
    Then before we broke up your mom remembered too and asked “what happened to the bright energy you use to have”
    I answered I don’t know either and thought wow I was happy in the beginning, where did it go?
    Where did that energy go after a year
    Everyone but me knew I wasn’t happy
    My own brothers recognized it too and felt happy that I’m back home seeing me happy again
    But why didn’t anyone tell me that I wasn’t happy?
    Or maybe was I trying to fight it
    I was fighting for you but I grew tired
    But now I’m trying to regain my happiness
    As of now I still don’t have that energy
    I’m trying to get it back
    It’s coming slowly but I will get there again