• rage_infine 5w

    I am a lonely traveller

    Let it flow down.
    The shape and the flow, the emotion within. With the high pitch of the string, the sharp phase of the end. Let it flow. Flow with the current tides of the music. See the notes flying with all emotions inside your head, see the cryness and loneliness be build within those silent tones. Don't stop it. Let it flow, the pain inside you, cry it will make it ease. Shout, screem release every piece of your anger with every word sung. Let the happiness flow in with the symphony. Hear your breathe, the voice of winds, singing flawlessly in quite pleasant way. Let it flow, let it flow inside your head.
    I am a lonely passer, searching for my value of existence. My life endures in here, my song flows within the people my heart is into. My existense will lie inside then, no matter if I am gone. One day, my song will make them feel, my cries, my pain, my loneliness and my love. LET IT FLOW.