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    When I first met you,
    I never thought I would love you.
    And I promised myself,
    I wouldn't fall for you.
    But I did !!
    When I couldn't keep my own promise,
    You made me promise on million things,
    Just for yourself.
    And I kept each one of them.
    Or at least, I tried my best to do so !!!
    You made me one promise.
    Just one !! That I thought,
    You would never break.
    But you did !!!
    I wonder, if you had loved me,
    Would you have expected my promises
    To make you believe that my love was true??!!
    I realize this,
    After everything is over,
    I ask myself,
    "Where were my senses then?"
    I promised again, to myself,
    That I wouldn't think about you
    But I keep failing
    In keeping my own promises !!!
    And the broken promises are piling up each day!

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    That were made only to be broken in the end