• kajikov 50w

    Why don't I journal enough? Is it that I'm afraid to stop and think, to slow down and give myself time to truly analyze my flaws? I'm afraid that once I start, I'll need to make it all the way to the end in one fell swoop, without ever being able to stop to finish. This is how my perfectionism sees everything: it must be done all at once, or not begin at all. But this is an illusion. True, you will need to do everything at once if you procrastinate your time away, like doing a report the night before it is due. But, if you take the time to start working on your mind early, and acknowledge that it will take time, you can change things. Realize that you can only improve yourself in spurts, and empower yourself to say, "That's enough for today, I'll pick it up tomorrow." You can and should do things over time, rather than in large bursts, so you can better reflect and learn. Learn to care for yourself, to acknowledge that you have gone out of your comfort zone and applaud yourself for it, and to leave it at that for the day. Nothing good comes from perfection and fear. Let the root of your growth be self-care.