• _likelymeo 5w

    Heart Out

    Again another crossed the threshold of my engrossing story,
    Without exemption
    Major characters in my story,all of them
    Had noticeable scenes of entering
    But special was hers,
    Rational was I to love,
    This time your abracadabra got me
    The fascinating shit of my love story is getting out of hand,
    Surely, Romeos are all descendants of the love flaws spell
    Should that be the brand?
    Probably, it's because I'm no writer of my story
    And you,
    The best you are
    Ml,I accept everything about you,
    Even your version of stubbornness is cool
    For sure with my heart out I would still live because you are here
    Anticipated am I that you will join me on this ride
    Hell no,I wish
    But again and again I'd say
    I'm in love!