• vishakhasarkar 9w

    I have heard about
    this ocean of self love,
    known for working miracles.
    I have been told to look for it
    incessantly,until I find it.
    To descend into it fearlessly
    for the deeper I go,
    the calmer I shall feel.
    I have been told
    to look for the pearls of hope
    crafted not by the universe
    but my own tear drops,
    and if I can procure them all,
    my pain shall subside eventually.
    I have been told
    to count my breaths meticulously,
    so each breath can remind me
    of my agile senses,
    of all my loved ones
    and their infinite memories.
    And when my heartbeats sync
    with the sound of rippling waves
    I shall know then,
    that my ocean of self love
    is not another mirage,
    it remained undiscovered
    all this time,
    deep within me.