• bey5151 10w

    The sound of hell

    The sound of a slashing sound underground
    But the noise on the ground is more depressing
    There's a mess in there but it's weird that a lot of people like it.
    Sounds arrogant among the luxuries
    Sounds happy in between
    Sounds voracious among the full hull
    Sounds delicious among the lusts of the powerful
    Everyone was happy and happy.
    But they never felt enough
    And looking for more
    Then want a bigger one
    Don't feel ashamed of greedy hands
    But until when does it last?

    While on a quiet outskirts...

    There were sad tears in the dark
    There are tormented eyes and flowing rivers that are not dry
    There is a sun that keeps burning and never dims
    There's an army on guard from a very cunning enemy.
    There's a confusing gesture.
    What a torture!