• bobbycneis 6w

    The corners of my life

    I run to be free unlike a bird in a cage
    I feel because I need to brace this day and age

    Windows rolled down low, summer breeze rushes on by
    There are echoes I hear now, from the corners of my life

    Western sun as much as Eastern; birth and death in each day
    Welcome home new perspective, how to find the words to say

    People enter with grace's praise as others dissolved to dust
    Lynchpins made through faith and live long with trust

    Estranged a time in confusion from who I'd soon become
    Lost links in the invisible chain that bound me tight and strong

    Shake off as to disregard, but it's a no-can excape
    Pressures me to seize hold to moments that take a breath away

    Delve into incoming theories; stories, headlines, and artists' work
    Wind up toys collecting years along with photos albums to search

    Painted dream on a canvas loses to a new bound trend
    So it's me left in survey mode, studying through a microscopes end.