• sahithii 10w

    Is that really important to say everything?
    I think everybody should know how much they need in their relationship.
    Some people will dig all the matters even if they know that the opposite person are not comfortable to share, but they will say hey,
    Don't you trust me
    I won't share with anyone
    I mean are you serious? It's not about the matter you share to others r not. it's about the comfortable.
    Is that shitty matter important to you by making opposite person uncomfortable. what's the use of digging all matters, will you people find gold or diamonds ��.
    I think everybody have experienced this type of uncomfortable situation, I just want to say onething guys,you don't need to say anything, if you are not uncomfortable,and you don't need to talk even with that kind of people who puts in uncomfortable situation.

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    I just don't feel comfortable telling people about my life anymore.