• sweta_soundarya 31w

    Drawn with shades of colour
    Red, crimson red, mahogany and magenta
    Ray of pitch black too.
    I chose red to embellish the walls of your heart,
    To tell you that red doesn't symbolize blood and war but stands for deep affection and love.

    I made sure that the colour doesn't spill out when my quivering hands coloured the edges, with magenta.
    To tell you that love isn't about promises or committment, but is about compassion and harmony, spreading kindness and strengthening intuition.

    I chose black to tell you that when u will be engulfed by darkness, i will be there for u to lean on.

    I made final touch up with white. To tell you that love is all about the sacrifices we made for each other. How we conquered the wrath of demons to stay happy

    Drawn with shades of colour.
    Embellished your heart
    With my colours of affection.

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    Shades of heart