• vandanza 5w

    The Wonders of the Butterfly

    I float softly as I am experiencing a
    metamorphosis, and I am changing
    wildly with the seasons. As a butterfly,
    all I can state is I am too grateful to be
    in the nature family. I cannot ignore the
    human race as I observe their human
    nature...all nature species inform me.
    Human beings can express love and
    kindness, but too often there is a sting
    more lethal than from a bumble bee.

    I am grateful that I have disagreed, emphatically, with those who wanted
    to save my likeness in a jar with rubbing
    alcohol, only to preserve my beauty-
    -not my life, or my natural habitat,
    freedom, such as flying above azalea gardens. The human family speak of metamorphosis like a metaphor. Can they change? Maybe- if they could fly to the heavens and be touched by the finger of God.