• wanderwords 6w

    In city of dreams
    I took my first breath, my first step
    Here I have walked the
    roads of ups and downs
    With ultimate grace and glamour
    I ended up at the Marines at one am
    With a tub of natural ice cream
    Running down my clothes
    With a group of people
    Who are now captured in the photos
    As the sun rose
    So did I
    Balancing happiness and sadness
    Along the shore of beaches
    That spicy pav bhaji
    Became my true friend
    when tears rolled down my cheeks for no reason
    It never left me alone in city of dreams
    Taking up the blame behind my tears
    One fine afternoon when
    showers graced Mumbai
    A bit far away from the college lane
    Taking shelter under the roof of tapri
    sipping on to adrak wali chai
    I decided to write my words on paper
    Drenched in happiness
    I even let them smoke in front of me
    Pretending to be solemn about
    My career choices
    I traveled through locals
    Shared stories with travelers
    Amidst everything I abandoned my dreams
    But never did I ever stopped dreaming
    For the city of dreams
    May be a lot of things
    But it never abandons dreamers
    Who abandoned dreams