• justanotherwriter_ 22w

    The dilemma

    Some nights you just don't want to sleep. Not that you couldn't but just that you don't want to. I know it sounds weird but sometimes you get stuck in this weird situation where you don't know what to do anymore. You don't know why you're sad, you just are. There are no specific things, or people or reasons which make you sad. You just are. Though it sounds ridiculous but trust me it's the worst. You are stuck in this crossroad where you can't decide what to do. It's like instead of going anywhere or choosing any road, you just decide to settle there at that point in the cross road letting people hit you, with their words, with their actions. You know you've come too far so you just can't turn away and you don't even have the courage to go forward. There's a weird existence of this thing called paranoia. You are confused and in a constant dilemma of what's right and what's not.
    You are suddenly someone you never wanted to be, but trust me you're not the worst. You can become better. Things settle down when it's the right time. You'll manage to decide on that cross road. You'll reach your destination, very well on time.