• idontcare345 9w

    Tell me

    When your eyes close,
    What do you see?
    Silly question.
    The answer quite simple.
    Every single night,
    I dream of you.
    Next to me.
    Where you fit quite perfectly.
    I ponder your words.
    Contemplate their meaning.
    Begin to find myself lost.
    Especially in your presence.
    You say,
    I don't know you,
    Your history,
    Your pain.
    Well consider for a moment.
    I am real.
    You are real.
    This is real.
    I see how you carry yourself.
    What you let others see...
    How untrue that version of yourself is.
    Maybe I don't know you.
    Consider me a historian.
    On you.
    I can never learn enough.
    Give me every piece of yourself.
    I promise to give you the world.
    Problem being you are to wild.
    I wouldn't dare tame you.
    What I want,
    Is to ride through life with you.
    Just take my hand and run.
    Or hide if we must.
    I see you and how you drown yourself.
    In everyone else's emotions.
    How you break down,
    But don't share your pain.
    Worthy of all titles.
    I see you as I'm beginning to understand.
    What makes you tick.
    I can never be mad.
    When you laugh and use unique verbiage.
    End this story
    Or blow a kiss in my direction
    I will know and never let you fall.