• mackruis 6w

    The day that can never get away
    Lots of sadness , heartbreaking moments
    Mother's pain always has some depth in it which children's understand later when the mother is vanished
    The word mother is never found a definition until now as there is nothing in this world, which can get to it
    It was a task for us to stay alone by faith
    Where we have been blessed by the strength and boldness taught by you ❤
    Mom the day when sunlight had to set soon to show us the darkened life
    A mother is always the best of best when it comes in terms of caring and guiding❤
    Faith showed me what's life without a mother
    Growing with the terms and conditions of a mother is always irritating but then the conditions comes to life only when you loose her
    The worlds best path is never found without a shadow of mother ...
    Life becomes tough when she is gone
    My kinda faith was bit improper but then I had to survive with no men's knowledge as to know what's life without a mother
    Mothers love deserves countless words to describe
    Mom the day when you left us alone....
    Life with a mother is awesome
    Life without a mother is fearsome
    Happiness was required only when you we're there with us...
    Boldness is required after you are disappeared
    I would proudly tell being a mother is not an easy task of life's ....
    People tell take Care of your mother well when she is alive, by doing so will you find any sort of disappointments after she is gone
    The only thing where god is respected after a mother ❤
    You can find lots of temples
    You can never find lots of mom
    Im missing and facing things more than hell mom I don't know why you left us and I'm not able to imagine that you are not with me today don't know why faith decided this
    Its been two years mom since you left us
    We proudly tell that we are the children's of you mom who gave up your everything just for the sake of our happiness..
    I miss you a lot mom than anything
    My only love in this world ( mom )