• aged_writer 34w

    Cartoon and a song

    Translations of song of cartoons in the many
    On our shelf they are staring reminding
    We are here
    From french to the dutch
    You got to hear it
    Where languages combine
    Yet differ really not much

    Asterix my favorite whole series in dutch
    The story of resistance superpowers fairness clutch
    The lines just flow the pictures within
    The messages are deep to take with a grin

    The song of all time ,,dont leave,,
    An LP as a matter
    The lyrics as intense as love can be

    Written in french belgian songwriter eons past
    Dutch i understand the copy the sound
    Our son a soundman says only play the LP
    We played it often the scratches are there
    Yet the message so powerful
    It always rings in our ear.