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    I will respond to tags soon :')

    Well, just felt like scribbling something. Hope you all are doing well :))

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    Dilettante "

    The sky is pale today
    I woke at night instead of day
    I love dark skies
    I don't enjoy morning cries

    Laugh chocked when it comes to me
    I am making house for abandoned bee
    Leaves are on brown ground
    I am spinning earth in square I hate round

    Dilettante I am for spilling feeling
    I am collecting fractured pen from end of beginning
    Pleasing I am tears to stay in ocean
    Calling me shallow they left before eon

    Later after rain when i drew rainbow
    Some hours smiled and breathe denied for show
    I bow down to emotions
    And veins started cutting relations

    Floods of words taught me how to swim
    I am making paper boats attaching each quill
    Heard songs of waves while I was in deep
    Teaching I am, how to smile to my teary ink "