• the_wanderlust_stargazer 5w

    My intense pair of eyes stared at him for a while,
    Perhaps,pretty long enough to see
    Through him and make out his level of ,
    Something much more painful than hatred ,
    Much more aggressive than violence,
    His level of JEALOUSY!
    The room filled with deadly silence after the passing away
    Of the hazardous storm which created
    A lot of havoc .
    Began with him, spatting abuses on me like
    Hurling stones at me which I could not take any longer
    And retorted back.
    His desire of grasping everything I possessed
    Was seen dark in his eyes.
    Violence cannot be abjured unless
    Something else takes it place and
    That's added the fuel to the fire
    And I took over him, knocked him down,
    After been subjected to such atrocities.
    His jealousy was the only reason behind the
    Outburst of the dark,angry clouds.
    I stood shell-shocked with a stance unmovable,
    Taken aback by this attitude of him
    And vexed at the outcome which also made me face the music
    Besides him with not much losses on his side
    As he prevented them by putting a
    Mask of gloomy, forlorn face, shredding
    Crocodile tears and hiding back the
    Ghastly,sinister face which revealed his true colours.
    I have no offense as I did my job, since
    He was the reason behind which made me offended at his remark.
    This made me rethink about all his previous actions
    And interactions with me, which for now, I think was an
    Illusion and like the washable writings of the sand on shore
    But filled my heart with lethal hate as the
    Blood-stained footsteps.

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