• ramakrishnasonakam 31w


    It is tough to come up with something valuable or something worthy
    Writing is one of the most powerful channels of conveyance and expression.
    But in recent events it has been more vexing 
    I am sure some people got the idea of what I am talking about.

    Growing up, I was taught that this time which we live in, mythologically
    it is called as 'KALYUGA'
    And so on whenever some bad used to happen people used to say "The KALYUGA is here"
    So I had it to my conscious that bad things are bound to happen.

    I ain't saying nothing good is happening at all, oh please don't get me wrong.
    But things have started to downfall. Sad yet true.
    The so called 'balance' of everything has been demolished and has become non-existent.
    Humanity, Religion, Integrity the primary essentials of living have become weaklings of the
    Human Society.

    Religion has become a weakling and nothing but an excuse of political failure.
    Humanity has become nothing but a way of showing off.

    I'd like to give out a judgement that maybe we live in 'KALYUGA'

    but...Women's lives has become one. 

    No banner, No digital posts, No protests is gonna change the unfortunate fact.
    The desperately awaited change is a false hope, like a mirage now.
    The situation has got out of hands, the damage is irremediable.

    And as a human being, I am sorry. Sorry for not being helpful. 

    - A human being with hopes for change and development.