• ritvik_tuteja 6w

    Determined & Passionate She Bakes

    Exquisitely talented & a splendid girl
    Amidst everything precious, she's a unique pearl
    Passionate for lavish food, drink, music & fashion
    A personal style ravishing dominates her existence
    Faced by hurdles of various kind & nature
    Living on the edge independently, she maintains a stature

    She Bakes - not just a phrase but a brand name
    To portray her talents of custom baked cakes
    Eye catching with an emotion amorous
    She cooks & bakes foodstuff delicious
    Starting out in a company creative,
    She progressed to a reality show on television
    That was though simply a start,
    Her curves ultimately as a model to flaunt

    Forever endearing, backing & standing for her people
    She's a symbol of strength - lady of iron
    Relentless & hard working on each day,
    Either posing for art & brands or She Bakes
    Bound by principles, each one she respects
    With everyone does she maintain cordial relations
    In no rush to lean into conventional traditions
    She's a risen sensation, beaming with confidence