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    this is Chapter one and its only the begging

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    As The Three Suns Set

    It was 5 o’clock in the morning, Axel, tired as anyone would be, decided to go to his study to look for a couple books. He found an old magic book that seemed to have not been opened in centuries. Curious, he thought, ‘this might be just the book I was looking for.’ With a huge grin on his face, he decided to collect some other books. He waves his hand in the air and books start flying off shelves. They start to sort themselves into categories; dark magic, blood magic, light magic and spells and rituals or reincarnation. The ten books then made one large stack aside him. They then began to levitate, following him out as he held the original book he found, eager to start learning. Axel, and his eleven books, headed to his room. He started to read and time became non-existent as he learned more and more.
    Now 9:00am, Axel’s mom calls out, “kids come down for breakfast!”
    “Coming mom,” said Axel’s younger brother, Xemnas, getting out of bed.
    “Going mom,” said Namine, Axel and Xemnas’ older sister as she down the stairs.
    Namine and Xemnas giggled as they ran down to the kitchen. “We’re here mother,” the two said in almost perfect harmony.
    “Where is Axel? He usually is the first down,” asked mother.
    “Maybe he’s just a little slow this morning,” giggled her younger son.
    “I’m coming mom,” distantly heard from what appeared to be Axel’s room.
    With now black and silver hair instead of his normally red hair, Axel walks into the kitchen, shocking his mother and siblings.
    “Axel, my gosh, what happen to your hair?” asked Namine.
    “It’s blood magic! What did father tell you?! He said not to touch that side of magic without him or Zexion to help and guide you. Dad doesn’t want anything bad to happen, how dumb are you?” screamed Xemnas.
    Axel sat down in front of Xemnas blazing mad. Axel explained, “see here brother, you don’t know what you speak of. Father left to who know where, okay? Just because you can’t practice blood magic and the other deeper, darker spells, does not mean you have to come after me because I can do it without getting my hand held by anyone!” Axel eyes noticeably changed from the normal blue color to yellow and orange as he built up his rage as he yelled at his younger brother. The blood magic is just making him more on edge and angry but he Axel does not even realise his changing mood and appearance. Xemnas reached for his sword ready to strike at his brother “if you think your blade will cut me or even hurt me it won’t as I have a shield that can’t be penetrated with keep metal and I have been taught by the seven masters when father took me and NOT YOU! So, if you wish to fight now then try just know you’ll be six feet under our garden in two seconds that you draw your sword” “you two ever stop fighting or do I have to send you to exile?” said Namine the eldest and more skilled even mastered in light magic and had her book ready to open to the world that never was were magical/wizards and witches are banished from rest of humankind and other worlds, dimensions and time lines. “ok settle down Namine I’ll stop just put your book down” she puts the book and their mother takes Xemnas to his classes of sword art and wizardry since their father can’t finish his training to hone his raw power and skill.