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    Creole Rella 1

    Creole Rella
    During the racial war my real parents had to separate and I was up for adoption. My grandma
    took legal guardianship of me. She left me to an African couple after she died. At the time I was
    with my grandmother we would watch clips about the war on the news. It always showed Martin Luther King doing his famous speeches. We daily kept up with the Civil Rights Movement.
    Grandma taught me about my Creole heritage. I was the first kid she took in and raised as her
    own, but I wasn't the last. She was a mental health nurse and also a group home operator.
    In all excluding me she had 13 kids in her group home she raised as her own. She enjoyed
    helping others like a Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. I loved that Western growing up. She taught
    me that we were Cherokee Red Skin Indian and Blackfoot Indian. Her mom was full blooded
    Cherokee Indian. And her dad was full blooded Blackfoot Indian. My father Kayin was my
    grandma's first and only son. He was killed by racist protesters during the Civil Rights War.
    From the story grandma told me Sherry and my dad had fallen in love when they were only 14
    years old. I was born when they were 15 years old. We all had changed our names because
    people were not very fond of the Indians for some reasons. The reasons I still don't completely
    know up to this day. I just know instead of calling ourselves Indian we started saying we were
    Creoles. We all stayed in our territory in Louisiana. Grandma went to stay in Mississippi when
    her mom died. Her dad was from Mississippi so she got a house built up the street from him and
    his new wife.
    She said her mother had an early death. My grandma never liked her dad's new wife. All I know
    is that she was some type of voodoo doctor. Grandma believes she poisoned my grandad's
    food or something. It was some crazy shit. She also told me the woman cut out a lock of her hair
    and tried to curse her. Since then her hair was never able to get past her shoulders again. That
    alone is rather strange. Especially since everyone says my great grandma had hair so long it
    covered her ass. I assumed it must have been true. I knew it had ran in the family. By the time I
    was 8 years old grandma became very ill. She had 3 heart attacks. Eventually she had to get
    open heart surgery. The doctors replaced her heart with the heart of a 16 year old boy. He had
    died in a car accident and she was next up on the donor list. Sadly over time she had become
    weaker in old age. One of the last kids she adopted and raised as her own was African. That
    one was the youngest and had no children of her own yet. Grandma saw her fit to be the best
    one to let keep me for her. Besides she did raise her from a baby so she trusted her. Her name
    was Terri. She made an agreement with Terri. She told her if she finds a husband she was
    going to sign me over to her before she dies. So Terri went on a search to find the best sucker
    for a Candidate. She wanted me to make sure she kept a connection with grandma. Besides
    that was the only family she ever knew. Of course she had to bring her pick for grandma's
    approval. The first boyfriend she got was approved. Grandma saw that she had help with the
    responsibility, or cover up scheme I would say. All the other children were so jealous of Terri.
    They all wanted me from what I have been told. She promised to take care of me and love me
    as her own. My grandma's name was Sarah. I loved her so much she was all I had and all I ever
    known. She was the only thing in my life that I know was not a lie. Grandma made sure that
    Terri would also get payment for keeping me in a lump sum. It was supposed to be a secret
    though. The first guy Terri pick didn't work out. We quickly realized his family were a group of child molester rapist. So she went to college and found another candidate or sucker shall I say.
    Of course that one was approved but didn't last too long because another woman had his heart.
    When she got the 3rd one approved things took off fast. One thing my family was good at was
    changing birth certificates and names. Therefore it was no problem getting me signed over. My
    family had to be pretty high up. They most definitely knew how to get things done. I know my
    real parents loved me. I also know by them being so young it was almost automatic for me to
    get raised by a grandparent. Especially back in that day, that's how things worked. Once
    grandma gave Sarah the approval she asked me was I okay with it. I met the guy she bring
    home. He was African, and his name was Jeremiah. I asked grandma can I call him daddy? She
    glimpse at me and said yes. I told her I was ready to go with them. She looked at me and said
    now Rella they are going to treat you like a slave. I just thought she was fucking kidding
    because she didn't want to let go just yet. I really felt like she was bullshitting. Grandma told me
    they are going to make you wash dishes, and bring them their food. I said grandma l want to go
    have fun. At that very moment it was done. She signed me over and the lump sum check for a
    nice home. Grandma came to visit on holidays, also when she had to go to the doctor
    appointments. We had to take her to all the appointments. .