• indaykalma 33w


    I grew up, thinking
    I was flawed in every way,
    In every word
    I even say.

    But I was never always this way.

    When I was a kid,
    I believed in magic
    No, not magic from wizards
    Nor magic from witches and fairies
    Or elves and other such creatures.

    But a far more subtle form of magic
    One that each of us possess
    Sleeping every night
    Awakening every day
    It makes us jump out of bed
    And say hello to the world again.

    I remember when I lost that magic
    It did not flash like the Big Bang
    Or made loud noises like a jackhammer does on concrete
    It did not even come in a hearse and said,
    "Come pity me."

    It comes in teeny tiny drops
    Like how water drips on stone
    Slow, insidious
    Seeping into the "kind words" and "good intentions"
    From people you don't know
    And even people you love
    Shaping you
    Forming you
    Breaking you
    Down into a million pieces
    Of the once whole you.