• eternity_with_lielife 31w

    Family~ an ideal.

    A family is not only related by blood,
    which gives me love like a flood.
    It's not all abt formality,
    It's all abt morality.
    Family helps us to grow rapidly,
    Bt also all the athics comes handily.
    People who are loved as families,
    make us go through many tragedies.
    Among them are grand ones who are fireflies,
    and the rest are the butterflies.
    The father- who have to fight our way through the world of lies,
    Just to make sure no one cries.
    The mother- who takes care,
    Just to make everything fair.
    When one rolls down a tear,
    Others do everything to remove the fear.
    All those struggles and sacrifices we made to keep up with them,
    Yet all the moments we condemn.
    All those memories of a family,
    Lies in a beautiful remedy.
    Maybe all the family members are side by side miles apart,
    Bt we all are connected by heart.