• ona_ope_mipo 5w

    I miss you

    I miss who I am when I'm with you
    The me who notices how really blue the sky is
    I miss the spring in my steps when you walk with me
    I miss the twinkle in my eyes when I look at you.

    I miss the feel of your lips on my temple
    So surreal, warm and gentle
    I miss the feel of your arms around my waist
    I miss the side of me you brought out to play.

    I miss the laughter you brought to my cheeks
    I miss the memories you gave to me
    I miss the way you held me close
    Like you'll never let go but you eventually did.

    I miss our playful banters and arguments
    I miss a lot of things about you.
    I miss your smile and your frowns
    I miss your warm hand in mine.

    I loved you and I still do
    But some dreams will never come true
    There will never be an Us again
    But I know my love for you will never change