• jeannemarieth 9w

    Unrequited Love

    In the depths of my soul there is a burning desire for you,
    Your scent, your taste still lingers around me
    So close yet so far away you seem
    I dont think you understand how it feels or seem to have a clue

    Unspoken words, unread texts
    A hollowness lives inside of me only you may be able to fill
    I want to ask for forgiveness but first forgive myself.
    We never been together, yet all I can think of is your sex
    I need to hear your voice again but I dont think I ever will.
    I dont want part of you, I need all of you, your whole self.

    My body calls for you in my sleep
    My brain thinks of you during the hours of day light.
    Sometimes I just want to say f**** it and take that leap.
    Catch a flight, rent a room, a house, do anything I just might.

    It isnt fair what has become of us, it is not right,
    Sometimes I wonder if I am being delusional or being crazy.
    Having such strong feelings for someone I barely knew, is it really worth the fight.
    But a voice lingers inside of me, calling me telling me doing what it takes.
    So much distance between us yet my visions of you never get hazy
    Maybe one day this with all be a distant memory and no more heartache.