• davidrodriguez 9w


    Where is it that "where" loses its need to define itself?
    I searched for heaven and was thrown down
    I fell into the underworld and was spat back up
    As If I was actually meant to be here
    Sharing this realm with others
    Holding space
    Letting go of my ideas of waste
    And running this awfully mysterious race
    When the tears come
    I've lost my will to fight them
    When my fears arise
    I've lost my will to believe in them
    Could this be love?
    Could this be the "where" I so desperately sought?
    The trees testify against my pride
    The ocean speaks of unknown depths that only stretch my mind
    As if change and the unknown made a covenant
    To forever break my grasp on something
    I should be grateful
    Shouldn't I?