• d_4_dozzi3 30w


    Can we go back to a time before the first 'Hey' and 'Hi'. Before the first How are You and the first reply.
    Can we go back to when we knew Nothing about each. To the time When the only thing we knew was what we thought about one another.
    Back before our hands tangled. Before we made each other laugh. Before the late nights spent doing nothing. Before the early morning and mid day text.
    Can we go back to the moment before our first kiss.
    Before we looked into each others eyes.Before we stare inside our souls and stared at our Demons.
    Let's be strangers again.
    Let's know little or nothing about each other. Can we yearn for each other again like we've never known. Can we go back to when I was tensed talking to you...When I kept racking my head for the right words. Can we fall back to when you constantly avoid my gaze??
    Back before we felt sparks when even our skins comes in contact. Can we go back to when we expected nothing from us.
    Before we knew we loved the same things.
    I want us to be strangers again. This time I will only stare at You from afar.
    To only look at that smile from a distance.
    Let's be strangers.
    Nothing we tear us apart when we become strangers again...