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    So we just started a new service and by we, I mean me, myself and I. What we offer is that we write a letter on your behalf for whoever you want and ofcourse that excludes politicians and children. Anyhow, this is our demo letter that we wrote for our first client, who happens to be a friend of ours. We hope you like it. And please don't forget to leave a 5 star rating in the feedback. That'd be really helpful :")

    Letter written by @veloc1ty_ on behalf of @meru_mukh and it is addressed towards @veloc1ty_


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    Dear Velo,

    I know you from quite a few weeks now and I have nothing bad to say about you. In fact, only good things or shall I say, goodest things come in my mind when I think of you. You have been an amazing homie, writer and most importantly an inspiration for me. Reading you is a privilege but this letter is not gonna be about how much I adore your writing skills, but quite the contrary. I've been noticing you from the last few hours and you seem a little off to me. Something is up, and I'm sure of it. I really want to help you out here as it is my prime concern for now since I don't know whom I'll read if you are gone.

    I know tonight has been really hard on you. Your brother has gone out to stay over at his friend's place, without even thinking twice about you. I mean, I don't know how cold hearted you need to be to leave such a sweet and kind person alone for the night. I know you get scared easily and the lights that are on aren't helping you sleep. But please stay strong, it'll be over soon, okay?

    By the time, this letter will reach to you, it'll be midnight and I hope these words of mine will console you till the sun arrives. And look, there's only a few hours left for that. There will be light again, inside your room, outside your window and inside your heart too. The monsters and ghosts you are scared of will be gone by then. So hold on tight. I believe in you to survive through this night and I'm really sorry that I can't stay listening to your dumb fucking nonsense all night. I mean, just sleep already, you man child. You're an adult right? And you're telling me that you are scared of sleeping alone, in your own house. Grow up already! And stop annoying that poor cat, she does not want your hug or your kiss, let her have the sleep atleast, you stupid shit.

    Not yours truly,

    Ps: The subject was ' please don't be so lame'. xd and i really tried to not be lame (._.)