• beingapoet 10w

    Dear Humans,
    Nature only give us the problems which
    We are able to solve.
    So, don't get upset if others tell you a loser.
    Just be silent and evlove.

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    Everything happens for a purpose.

    Everytime, We have to face problems.
    Everytime, We have to solve it.
    Everytime, We have to try to fix problems.
    Everytime, We have to involve in it.

    But, One thing we always forget.
    One thing, we never remind ourselves.
    One thing, we always neglect.
    But, it is always behind ourselves.

    I believe that nature is the god.
    Or, may be god is just the nature.
    We have to accept that on thing.
    That, the problems never gonna end.

    Because, Nature only give us the problems.
    Which we are able to solve.
    Then, It allows us to rest a bit.
    And then another problem just envolves.

    So just try to do something,
    Which may help you to recover.
    Just try to solve it sooner.
    And go and just take a shower.

    The end of the life
    Is spontaneous.
    So, just live like you are,